• Work Anywhere

A small business network uses a host of the technologies such as virtual private networks (VPNs) that enable mobile employees and teleworkers to work securely at home, on the road, or at customers’ office. They have full, secure, remote a access to your phone system, data network, customer database, and any other tools they need to be productive. It’s almost like they’re in the office.Cloud-Computing

  • Access Customer Data Wherever, Whenever

Secure small business networking allows you to input, update, and view information about customers in a database. You can access that database using a computer, phone, or handheld device. Having constant, secure access to customer information helps workers better server customers. And satisfied customers often result in increased revenues.



There are as many different storage needs as there are businesses. We had in mind a small business, with 5-10 employees, but we like the cloud storage providers that can accommodate those same businesses as they expand to 100 employees or more. We like the companies that have plans for the data you need to store, whether it is a terabyte, 10 terabytes or more.